Flight simulators are those games which simulate flying an aircraft. The aircraft is of a variety ranging from civilian planes to military planes. Playing such games, just like any other game is enjoyable and fun. It’s a nice way of spending your free time. Well, without further ado, let me take you through the best flight simulator

1.Microsoft Flight Simulator X

This game is the most recent of the Microsoft simulator series. The beautiful game comes with excellent graphics quality, something you’ll definitely adore as a gamer. This simulator game offers you the chance to fly 24 planes ranging from the small Mustang to the huge Boeing. There are 24000 airports in this game which offers you a chance to fly across the world. In addition, this awesome game gives you a chance to create your own airplane. With the numerous exciting missions the game comes with, what else could a gamer yearn for?

2.Flight Gear

Flight Gear is one of the best flight simulator games you’ll ever find. The game offers you few aircraft, though you can add about 400 planes, with different varieties ranging from helicopters to military jets. Amazing, isn’t it? What is more, it offers you 20,000 airports, eye-catching scenery, and realistic global view. To further boost the realistic nature of this game, there are runway elevations with night lighting. With the nice quality of graphics, the game stands out. It’s freely available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You should strive to get it, will you?

3.IL-2 Sturmovik

This game is a Second World War combat simulator. It offers you 229 aircraft with an opportunity to traverse the globe. The aircraft is so real which each plane having a rare kind of feel. As if that is not all, the flight mechanics are super realistic. This thrilling game stands out because of the missions. Playing to achieve something great is something gamers love. This game comes with 200 exciting missions to enable players to enjoy it to the fullest. It’s crystal clear that this multiplayer game is worth spending on.

4.X-Plane 10

Looking for the most realistic flight simulator game for windows? Look no further. X-Plane 10 offers you 30 aircraft of different varieties, including a space shuttle. Just imagine flying outside earth and viewing the red planet from the universe using the space shuttle. This game is clearly one of a kind. The air traffic control the game possesses further contributes to the realistic nature of the game. To add on the flair, this game has editable maps and game options that allow you to customize the weather. What an interesting game!

5.Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Lock On: Modern Air Combat is definitely one of the best flight simulator games for computers. With the 8 jets the game offers you, you can fly from the United States to Russia and other countries in combat action. For lovers of air to air combat, strive to obtain this game. Those who enjoy air to ground combat, this is the game. The training this game offers alongside the quick start missions is supercool-sounding. The realistic nature of the game coupled with the decent graphics quality gives you unique gaming experience. What an awesome game!

Final Word!

The above games are some of the best flight simulator games that can offer you the best gaming experience ever. For more info on flight simulator games, feel free to check the links in the reference section. Let’s embrace the best gaming life, shall we?

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